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Integrity in Practice

A 16 week Deep Dive into Your Business

Integrity in Practice - Deep Dive: Welcome

Our Why ...

Is this for You?

Our mission it to be a beacon for the Curious and the Edge walkers; To provide a space to Know Thyself; To Walk the Path of Self Acceptance, Profound Love, and Courageous Living.

We are Building a Community of Lived Experience, Willing Learners, and Space Holders so that others may Come Alive and Live Fully Expressed. 

We Honor ourselves and each other as Whole Human Beings. We Choose Excellence. We Embrace Imperfection. We are of Service. In Community, Never Alone.

We desire success, on our terms. Not at the expense of ourselves, our families, our well-being, nor of others.  Rather by embracing all that is our weirdness, our authenticity, our real hearts, our courageous self.

Here is an opportunity for a New Relationship with what we have seen as not enough - our faults, fears and mistakes.  Owning, Relating, and Expressing all of Who we Are.

Welcome to Your Association for Integral Practice.   

A 16 week Deep Dive into your Business Practices.

For people who want to feel good about Being in Business.

Studying at Home
Integrity in Practice - Deep Dive: About

Integrity in Practice

Supporting Your Business Success

Mountain Cliff Hiker


A community of business people who desire to look more deeply at how business can be done - with integrity, honoring you, in community, and feeling good about it all!

We consider the factors and goals that matter to you.

Can business be successful and truly ethical?

Can I create a thriving business and have my well-being handled, my relationships healthy?

Can I charge fees that feel good, allow me to live well, and that invite in who I want to work with?

Can I depart from the teachings of my practice, what I have been taught, to follow my own heart?

Is it possible to do business with heart and rigor?

How do I be accountable outside of a governing body?

Is inclusion, diversity, and equity important to me? and How do I practice these?

Does body, mind, and heart agree with what I am doing in business?

We partner with others with lived experience, ample curiosity, and enough courage to facilitate these conversations.  And yes, we will pay them for their service to us.

We will have a pool of shared resources, experience and mentorship that is yours to access as you choose.

We will have sessions to dive in, be vulnerable, get curious, and try on some new things.

We will have a flow of learning, practicing, and integrating. 

We will have 4 phases throughout the 16 weeks, with focus topics that are important to you.

Crossing the River


We meet online via live video sessions, scheduled break out sessions, and member creative sessions through out each of the 4 phases.  If the cohort allows for in person, and desires it, we will make that happen!

Motivational Speaker


Enrollment Starts today.  Our next Cohort begins October 1st, 2022.  We meet online for 4 weekly sessions in October, then 4 sessions in November.  Then a breath in December for Integration, Well-Being, and whatever we each need for December.  We resume near the end of January for 8 more weeks.  Closing together by the end of March 2023.

You can expect weekly live video sessions in each of the 4 phases - October, November, February and March.  Sessions will run one hour unless our cohort chooses otherwise for their own benefit.  Sessions will be fully interactive to support your learning, practicing, and integrating.

You will be given ample opportunity to choose what is true for you, what works for you.

You will be supported as identified by you, with our support if this is new to you!

Integrity in Practice - Deep Dive: Services
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