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My Coaching Story

Connection, Vitality, Authenticity, Courage, Spirit

My Coaching Journey started more than 10 years ago, and continues as an on purpose transformation of myself and my life.

The catalyst was a Relationship breakdown and subsequent Health issues created a major breakdown in my world.  Where work, my health, family and relationships, my self esteem, my inner fire, were all suffering and sputtering out.

This breakdown felt like a whole bunch of pain, then numbness, followed by a strong desire to check out of living.  I was hiding in bed sick and exhausted, away from people and avoiding all demands, coasting half alive, and very  much confused about how things came to be this way.

A quiet voice kept saying "this CANNOT be all there is to life". 

This quiet voice grew into a demand. Following my Heart, into Wholeness and Love, and my Spirit into Play and Connection.  These were the themes that kept bubbling up. 

I refused to believe that life was only going to be work, eat, workout, and sleep. I sense that it had to be possible to live with a whole lot of joy and pleasure, AND be successful in career/business and relationships, AND having thriving health (my definition).

I was definitely done with being lonely all the time.

In the middle of the pain and confusion I went looking for help, someone who could see what nobody else was seeing. I certainly was unable to see what was stopping me from feeling good about myself and my life.

Someone who would not simply coach me to be a 'follow the rules' to a good life.  I found a place to start, and after only four months of coaching with Adam, I didn't recognize myself or my life. 2013 was a major life crisis point, and this was just the beginning.

My next decision was to enroll in a full year intensive Coach and Leadership Training program. The experience was like Coming home, personally and professionally.  With people who thought like I did, who desired like I did, who were unwilling to live inside the status quo.  

I started to wake up, to come alive again, to laugh, to play, to take responsibility for how my life was going.  I started to see that I had the power and that all that I wanted in life could come true.

I had access to community, structure, tools, a coach, and daily actions to get deeper personally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I learned to choose these opportunities, and eventually create my own.

A couples years later, Curiosity led me into the Art and Science of Sexuality, Somatics, and Trauma. 

This work, Somatic Sex Education reinforced my belief that 'we are already Whole', that our bodies hold wisdom, and that Pleasure is  Powerful and Healing.  This is community with whom I continue to connect, learn, play, and be constantly challenged by.

Today I am an Relationship Coach, which, with me, is Life Coaching and Somatic Practices coming together.

This invitation is for you to step into

Healing, Living Fully Expressed, and  with Vitality.

Today my health is thriving, my heart is full, my spirit never stops exploring; I rest when I need to, I play in more places and with more people that I could have ever imagined. My career is 100% my own, and my relationships bring me love, belonging, generosity, and the opportunity to keep learning about me. 

Yes, life continues to provide all of the bumps, changes, grief, and surprises. What I find is that the community and relationships I have cultivated, along with the tools, practices, and structures. help me be fluid and ride these waves of life with some grace.

I know now that I am simply Human, living the human experience; that I am Whole and Loved as Is, Right now (and always was).

I work with folks, individually and in partnership to navigate your Relationships, Move Forward in Life, and to Grow more Self Love and Acceptance.

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