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The Relationship Coach

Personal and Professional

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I help You to Navigate Your Relationships.

With Authenticity and Courage.

Taking Responsibility and Creating Connection.

You are Loved.

You are Whole.

You are Human.

Here, we practice generosity, authenticity, and responsibility.  We create opportunities to notice what is true for you and what feel may be missing. With practices, support and commitment, you create a new normal in your Relationships.

What might happen in a session:

You may gain clarity on what YOU want, need, and desire in your relationships.

You may request space and support to get curious about your patterns habits, beliefs about Intimacy.

You may practice Choosing -  yes, no, maybe. And negotiating needs, requests, and boundaries with yourself and with others.

You may experience slowing down, and then slowing down some more, exquisite presence to your own experience.

You may choose daily actions that help you become you want to be in connection with others.

You may choose actions that help you to be TRUE TO YOU in your relationship with yourself and with others

What You can Expect in Relationship Coaching with Lara Gregory:

Education and Practice that is

whole person, embodied, and life affirming.

Acceptance and Acknowledgement of you as you are.

Honoring your desires and choices.

Personalized sessions to move forward at your pace.


For Individuals, Single and Coupled.  

For Couples Together.

Online sessions available.

Services Available using Video Calls and by Telephone.

Bodywork sessions coming available in 2023. Request a Consultation session to explore how in person sessions may benefit you.

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